Tennessee Steel Center
9545 Commission Dr.
Mascot, TN 37806


Capabilities and Machine Specs

Our machinery sets us apart– with it, we can meet the stringent standards of the automotive industry. See below our equipment and specifications. 


Seyi SAG-660

Capacity600 tf600 Ustf
Slide Stroke250 mm9.84 in
Strokes Per Minute no load30~60 SPM
Die Height850 mm33.46 in
Slide Adjustment150 mm5.9 in
Slide and Bolster Area2,500 mm x 1,500 mm98.4 in x 61 in
Working Height660 mm26 in
Max Upper Die Weight5,000 kg11,023 lbs
Window Opening1,450 mm x 800 mm57 in x 31.5 in
Moving Bolster Speed150 mm/sec6 in/sec
MOving Bolster Travel Distance3,100 mm122 in


Shung-Dar SNR6-800

Feed Performance

Feed Length (mm)SPM at 180°SPM at 240°
Material Width70-800 mm2.8-31.5 in
Material Thickness0.6-6.0 mm0.024-0.24 in
Coil Weight (max)7,000 kg15,432 lbs
Coil OD (max)1,500 mm59 in
Coil ID (max)508 mm20 in
Feed Speed (max)18 m/min59 ft/min

Straightening Performance

Thickness (mm)Width (mm)
Thin Material0.6~5.0800
Thick Material6.0650

Tandem Press

Komatsu OBS Press x4

Capacity200 tf660 Ustf
Strokes Per Minute25~50 SPM
Slide Stroke300 mm11.8 in
Die Height550 mm21.7 in
Slide Adjustment120 mm4.72 in
Slide Area: L.R X F.B850 mm x 650 mm33.5 in x 25.6 in
Bolster Area: L.R X F.B1,450 mm x 840 mm57.1 in x 33.1 in
Max Upper Die Weight650 kg1,433 lbs
Stopping TIme165 ms

Tandem Press

Linear LTS-WM-1250-840

Transfer System x 4

Feed Stroke (X)0~1,016 mm0~40 in
Lift Stroke (Y)0~203 mm0~8 in
Lift Stroke (Z)0~203 mm0~8 in
Transfer Bars (1 set=2)50 mm x 50 mm profile1.97 in x 1.97 in profile

Tandem Press

Linear LTF-PP

Blank Feeder

Destacking Unit Stroke (X)0~762 mm0~30 in
Destacking Unit Stroke (Z)203 mm8 in
Blank Drop Off Pitch711 mm28 in
Return Time2 seconds
Max Payload18.14 kg40 lbs
Double Blank Detector2~43 mm thickness0.0079~1.69 in thickness