Tennessee Steel Center
9545 Commission Dr.
Mascot, TN 37806

About Tennessee Steel Center

What We Do

Tennessee Steel Center specializes in fine blanking and toll stamping with our 4-stage, 250-ton transfer presses.

Kentucky Steel Center is a supplier of high-quality light-gauge, flat-rolled steel to automakers. With over 20 years of experience, we are uniquely equipped to meet the unique and demanding standards of the automotive industry. We offer the customized service of a mom and pop shop with the expertise and resources of an international company. Kentucky Steel Center would love to be your go-to supplier– but first, get to know us.

The Kentucky Steel Center Story

Kentucky Steel Center is a local enterprise with global roots. Founded in 1996, the company is owned by Tokyo-based Nippon Steel Trading, Nippon Steel Trading America, and Kanpoh Steel. The company saw a need to support Kentucky manufacturers such as Georgetown’s Toyota manufacturing plant, and Berea, Kentucky proved an ideal location. Though we began by servicing any manufacturer with a need for steel, we quickly saw a need to serve automotive manufacturers exclusively in 2001. That change led to rapid growth.

Today, Kentucky Steel Center is uniquely suited to serve Kentucky steel customers as one of the only steel service centers in the state. To meet the demands of area suppliers, we maintain a 120,000 sq. ft. facility, three slitting lines, and two cut-to-length lines in the Berea facility, and recently acquired Tennessee Steel Center, in Mascot, TN, which specializes in fine blanking and toll stamping with our 4-stage, 250-ton transfer presses.

See what else sets us apart

The Key Characteristics of Our Brand

Service-driven. It’s all about the consumer.

Auto-oriented. Automotive is our bread and butter. By making automotive steel our sole focus, we uniquely position ourselves to meet the demands of a dynamic industry.

Quality-committed. Our customers are routinely impressed with the quality of the steel we provide.

Dependable. We underpromise and over-deliver. Our Just in Time delivery methods ensure that customers get the parts they need right when they need them.

Flexible. We offer shorter lead times than many of our competitors; what may take up to a week elsewhere, we can often ship the same day.

Relational. We’re looking to partner with our customers not only to kickstart our own growth, but theirs as well.